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Newton Abbot Museum gets digital during our closure to support social distancing

Welcome to our useful resources page.

Here you can find links to:

  • Support during quarantine and virus advice
  • Virtual Museum Tours from around the world
  • Education for school age children
  • Activities to do at home

Community Support, Online Exploring, Learning from Home

Coronavirus Support

Government advice

The most up to date advice to stay safe in these strange times

Direct contacts

Adults - Customer Services, CARE DIRECT, Adult Social Care, Devon County Council – Telephone: 0345 155 1007 Out of hours - 0345 6000 388

Children - Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0345 155 1071 or email [email protected] Out of hours – 0345 6000 388

Community and Voluntary Services (CVS) Supporting people that support others, providing advice on staying safe and legal. Contact Susan Wroe 01626 326120 or email [email protected]

Newton Abbot Covid 19 Mutual Aid Provide a service to collect prescriptions and shopping. Contact Jane Haden 07954 054459 or email, [email protected] You can also find a group on Facebook of the same name where you can ask questions, share information etc


Virtual Museums

Google Arts and Culture have a huge collection of virtual museum tours that you can find all in one place at this site

This Google doc has lots of art and museum resources, including a column for virtual tours. You will need to be signed into Google to read it

Another great round up of online museums

Top Virtual Experiences

Don’t fancy scrolling through so many options-? Here are our favourites which have all been fully tested by us:

  • British Museum

Beautifully designed interactive timeline showing objects from the huge British Museum collections, can also sort by theme

  • The Getty

Walk around the Getty in America and click on artworks to get more information

  • The Natural Hisory Museum (UK)

Wander around London’s wonderful Natural History Museum

  • The National Gallery (UK)

If you like paintings, the National Gallery is the virtual tour for you

  • The Louvre

Hop over the pond to France and explore several virtual tours, my particular favourite is the Medieval Louvre

  • Pitt Rivers Museum

A brilliant 3d rendering of a museum displaying the archaeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford in England.

Online Museum Resources for Kids & Families

(Thanks to Mar Dixon on Twitter for this one)

Museum Name

Type of resource


#metkids (The Met)


American Battlefield Trust

Virtual Tours

Andy Warhol Museum

Online Lessons

Canadian Museum of Nature

Colouring Sheets

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose


Children's Museum of South Dakota


Children's Museum Pittsburgh (Makeshop Show blog)


Contemporary Jewish Museum


Corning Museum of Glas

YouTube Channel

Glazer Children's Museum


History Colorado

Online Exhibits

International Maritime Museum Hamburg

Model Cardboard Boats

Les Fruits de Mer



Ideas for Playing Outside

Monteray Bay Aquarium

Games & Activities

Monteray Bay Aquarium

Live Cams


Virtual Tours

Mount Vernon


Museum of Early Trades and Crafts


National Museums Scotland


National Park Service

Virtual Tours

NCMA Learn


North Carolina Historic Sites

Teacher Resource Pack

Norton Simon Museum

Various Art Projects

Ohio History Connection

Videos & Other

Reston Historic Trust and Museum

Museum Activity Book

Science Museum (London)

Games & Apps

Shedd Aquarium


Smithsonian Learning Lab


Somerset Place State Historic Site

YouTube Channel

Speed Art Museum

Art Tutorials


Games & Quizzes

The Heritage Lab


Non-Museum attractions,-117.9187033,3a,75y,82.65h,83.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8c0M-NrxM_zxyRl6BP0Mew!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Use google street view to wander around Disneyland (you will need to copy and paste this link not click it)

Virtually explore the world’s most famous zebra crossing

See Stonehenge from the comfort of your sitting room

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is an over-the-top regency palace, and the virtual tour allows you to experience the eye-popping décor without venturing outside

See the beautiful outdoors of Ireland without the virus risk

Have a more local look around at A La Ronde, one of the National Trusts most unique properties. There’s also a panoramic view of the coast if you are feeling a bit hemmed-in  at home

You can watch the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth feeding their  turtles and sharks on their facebook

The Newton Abbot Nostalgia group share old photos of the area as well as topics for memories and chat

Home Learning

Great museum resources for families when social distancing- I particularly enjoyed the V&As design a wig game

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and is a not-for-profit organisation focused on spreading ideas in the form of short (max 18 minutes), engaging videos.  For a range of expertly curated, though-provoking and inspiring talks, click

Space invaders, but with an art history theme (games can be learning too!)

An archaeological jigsaw

For those of you on Facebook, Urban Archaeology have asked for help in piecing together 133 pieces of wall plaster. The wall plaster, from a Gloucestershire church, is covered with post-1520s black text and there is a link to the hi-res photos in the Facebook post.  

Make your own paper Neolithic house

If you fancy something more creative or have younger children, have a go at making your own Neolithic house from paper by illustrator Jools Wilson – you’ll need a printer and scissors…and perhaps some patience!

School Subjects


All ages

Pre-school, primary, younger learners

Secondary learners, up to 16-years-old


All ages

Pre-school, primary, younger learners

Secondary learners, up to 16-years-old


All ages

  • BBC Bitesize: Primary | Secondary | Post-16 (UK GCSE)
  • Mystery Doug: A weekly video answering a science question to your inbox
  • Elements: the periodic table in words and images

Pre-school, primary, younger learners

Secondary learners, up to 16-years-old